INSECURITY: FCT Minister, Wike, tells council chairmen to strengthen local vigilante groups

In a bid to bolster community safety, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike has urged chairmen of the six area councils to prioritize enhancing local vigilance teams.


Addressing stakeholders and residents in Kwali Area Council at a security town hall meeting on Tuesday, Wike emphasized the vital role these teams play in safeguarding communities.

He pledged “adequate support” for the vigilantes, stressing the need to address their needs comprehensively. This includes ensuring proper equipment and facilities, providing adequate training, and offering fair compensation for their services.

Wike acknowledged the ongoing procurement process for additional security vehicles and promised their swift deployment across the FCT. This aligns with the government’s ongoing efforts to strengthen security infrastructure and increase police presence in various communities.


He said: “I have listened to what the chairman has said. The chairman has virtually requested for everything but he has not told me what he has done.

“For me, whatever that is going to bring development or improve security government has no hesitation. The president has directed me to let you know he feels your pains and that is why he has said I must go and see all the councils, talk to them and tackle insecurity headlong.

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“I can assure you that in a matter of days, you will be hearing positive stories. We are ready to support our security agencies with whatever they need to ensure that our people can sleep with their two eyes closed.

”We have almost concluded procurement of vehicles for security agencies. We are going to provide the councils with motorcycles to support the vigilance teams, so they can get information and assist the security agencies.

“Our youths, we have directed the council chairmen to ensure that the vigilance teams are well taken care of. We need information from you because without information, the security agencies would have little or nothing to do. If you give them information on time, they will make sure bad things don’t happen.”

The town hall meeting underscored the collaborative approach the FCT administration seeks to foster in tackling security challenges. Engaging with local communities, understanding their specific needs, and providing tailored support are crucial aspects of this strategy.

The success of this initiative will hinge on the effective utilization of resources, coordinated efforts between different security agencies, and active participation from residents.

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