Tinubu rejects blanket stereotyping of Nigerians as corrupt

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Wednesday, rejected what he said was the unjust stereotyping of Nigerians as inherently corrupt.


He expressed the view at a forum, with the theme, ”Public Engagement on Youth, Religion, and the Fight Against Corruption,” organized by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja and the launch of an Inter-Faith Manual and Fraud Risk Assessment Project for MDAs.

President Tinubu, who was represented by Vice President Kashim Shettima, commended the EFCC for serving as a moral compass and persistently awakening the nation’s conscience.

According to Tinubu, it was unfair to label all Nigerians corrupt based on the actions of a few, stressing that the country was home to diligent and honest people.


In clear terms, the President rejected the blanket mislabeling that taints the reputation of majority of Nigerian citizens.

While highlighting the global contributions of Nigerians in significant fields, such as Artificial Intelligence and medicine, the President noted that such gross misrepresentation failed to reflect the true essence of a nation composed of diverse and resilient people.

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He said: “Over the decades, Nigerians have been victims of mislabelling. Such gross misrepresentation fails to reflect the true essence of our diverse and resilient nation.

”The association of internet crimes with the entire Nigerian populace lacks statistical evidence and does not align with the sociology of everyday Nigerians.

”Our nation comprises hardworking, honest citizens who contribute significantly to various fields globally, from Artificial Intelligence to medicine.

“While we reject blanket stereotyping that undermines the majority upholding principles of integrity and diligence, we must face the fact that we function in an interconnected world where cybercrimes have evolved into a global phenomenon.”

While acknowledging the global threat of cybercrimes, President Tinubu assured the EFCC of the government’s unwavering support in their battle against digital offences.

He also highlighted the establishment of a Students Loan Board to support young Nigerians financially, thus discouraging them from engaging in unlawful activities.

“Our message to the youth is clear: the horizon is wide, and opportunities abound across various sectors,” he said.

The President, who urged the youths to take advantage of these lawful prospects and contribute to the nation’s prosperity, also called on religious leaders to serve as pillars of guidance.

He charged MDAs to work closely with the EFCC to streamline governance processes and ensure resources were used judiciously for the benefit of all citizens.

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