You Can Never Know Your Partner, Even If It’s 10yrs Of Dating – Solomon Buchi Counters Simi’s Advise

Solomon Buchi, a writer, life coach, and social critic, recently expressed his opinions about marriage on Twitter.

In response to Simi’s latest video, which advocated for couples to live together before getting married, he explained why it is not necessary to waste time getting to know someone.


He said that no matter how long a couple dates, the reality of marriage tends to startle a lot of them and that it’s difficult for a person to know their partner too well before marriage.

The life coach also revealed that, due to the unpredictability of life, getting married must entail a certain amount of anxiety.

He said that, even in a marriage, the person you previously knew may change, and you will have to relearn how to perceive them as new and distinct individuals.


In conclusion, Buchi counselled aspiring couples to cut short their dating sessions in order to spend more time getting to know one another. He explained that marriage would provide them with knowledge that they would not have acquired throughout their courtship.

He wrote,

“You can never know your partner too well before marriage. No matter how long you date, marriage will shock you. You’ll see sides to them that you never saw in your 10 years of dating. I understand trying to spend long years to know someone before marriage, but getting married requires a level of FAITH. It requires a little bit of uncertainty; after all, is life itself not uncertain? Even in marriage, your partner evolves per stage. Who they were before childbirth is different from who they’ll be after childbirth. Stop dating for too long because you want to know the person well; marriage will teach you how much you don’t know them, and why you should patiently study them. Please, just marry and face the dynamic reality of marriage. It’s a consistent learning curve.”


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